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Adding Value

Through our staunch ecological values we are integrating paperless solutions to our corporate website. This will aid us in lessening our impact upon the environment. These solutions include:

  • A secure member area on our website for all of our employees to receive their wage slips. This cuts down on the amount of paper that we send out every week and also on the transportation pollution ramifications of delivering their paper wage slips.
  • E-invoices are emailed to our clients, which has the same benefits as paperless wage slips and also means that the information is available instantaneously, resulting in less chance of invoices being delayed/lost in the post or held up during postal strikes. This ensures that any invoice queries can be dealt with in a more efficient and timely manner.

These added value services allow us to provide unrivalled quality throughout our business operations and helps us to deliver exceptional service to all of our clients, at all times.



J&K provide a lot of the services I need. Just knowing that when things go wrong and we need a reactive maintenance call, that somebody is going to come along and sort everything out for us.