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Business Overview

J&K Services Group is a one-stop shop for facilities management, with the company operating to the strong and clear principles of reliability, efficiency, responsiveness and service.

Despite significant growth in recent years, our business ethic has always remained the same. We aim to complete every job smoothly, with minimal disruption and provide our clients with peace of mind. This has helped us to maintain a steady growth that proves our commitment to reliability and good service is a winning combination.

Within the core of our business services – contract cleaning, support services and maintenance programmes – we utilise our strong market position to take advantage of new business opportunities wherever possible. The result has seen steady year on year growth, long-standing, satisfied customers and a successful, expanding business.


I would like to say thank you, J&K Cleaning for the final deep clean that was carried out in Islington. The new tenants were highly impressed with the quality of job and because the flat was cleaned to a high standard initially, the tenants will have no arguments when they leave!! Well done J&K