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Hard/Soft Flooring Services

J&K Services Group has extensive experience in the cleaning, reapir and maintenance of hard and soft flooring surfaces. We can advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective floor cleaning method for your floor, whether it's wood, stone, marble, granite, vinyl or carpet.

Our full range of hard/soft flooring services include:

  • Floor care and maintenance solutions
  • Periodic vitrification services (stone, marble, granite etc.)
  • Floor refurbishment and restoration
  • Vinyl floor - speed strip and repolish
  • Floor assessment and recommendation on care requirements
  • Wet extraction carpet cleaning
  • Host dry clean carpet cleaning
  • Daily or periodical floor care
  • Safety flooring cleaning


The management team is key. You need contractors that will manage the situation for you, keep you informed, take away the grief and deal with it for you. J&K are one of the trusted contractors we use.