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Support Services

We have the skill, experience and capabilities to provide your business or organisation with a vast array of support services. Create a more positive working envirionment with regular floral displays or maintain the highest standards of hygiene with a comprehensive washroom programme.

With J&K Services Group, you can choose from a range of ancillary support services that include:

  • Flower and vase supply services
  • Daily or periodical newspaper services
  • Drinking water and service
  • Stationary stores and office supplies (order and supply on request)
  • Post sorting service
  • Janitorial services
  • Washroom management services and solutions
  • Bespoke building specific solutions


J&K is a company that you can rely on and a company that will do the basics well. They have all the health and safety infrastructure in place and they are also brilliant at sorting out any reactive maintenance works.