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Window Cleaning

Make a positive, lasting impression on your clients, tenants and visitors with a high quality window cleaning programme from J&K Services Group. Create the stunning internal and external aesthetic befitting of your business or organisation with a scheduled cleaning programme to suit your needs and budget.

The professional and highly skilled window cleaning services that we can provide include:

  • Traditional low level clean
  • Reach and wash clean
  • Abseiling clean
  • Mobile platform clean
  • MEWPs platform clean
  • Cradle Clean

Our complete range of window cleaning services:

  • interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Daily or periodical clean
  • Tailored clean to fit business hours and needs
  • Phase cleaning for tarnished windows
  • 80ft reach system, high tech equipment


J&K is a company that you can rely on and a company that will do the basics well. They have all the health and safety infrastructure in place and they are also brilliant at sorting out any reactive maintenance works.