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Window Cleaning

Make a positive, lasting impression on your clients, tenants and visitors with a high quality window cleaning programme from J&K Services Group. Create the stunning internal and external aesthetic befitting of your business or organisation with a scheduled cleaning programme to suit your needs and budget.

The professional and highly skilled window cleaning services that we can provide include:

  • Traditional low level clean
  • Reach and wash clean
  • Abseiling clean
  • Mobile platform clean
  • MEWPs platform clean
  • Cradle Clean

Our complete range of window cleaning services:

  • interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Daily or periodical clean
  • Tailored clean to fit business hours and needs
  • Phase cleaning for tarnished windows
  • 80ft reach system, high tech equipment


The management team is key. You need contractors that will manage the situation for you, keep you informed, take away the grief and deal with it for you. J&K are one of the trusted contractors we use.