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Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is the most cost-effective way to maintain your property and will ensure any potential issues are dealt with quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption. By implementing a planned maintenance programme, you can prevent problems before they occur, to make huge savings on reactive call outs and emergencies.

Ensure your property is well maintained all year round with a planned maintenance programme from J&K Services Group. Designed and scheduled to meet your individual requirements, you can also simplify your maintenance budget with one set charge that will cover all your planned property maintenance.

Planned Maintenance includes:

  • Full client maintenance plan
  • Building specific plan
  • Lamping service plan
  • Planned onsite repairs
  • Planned ground maintenance repairs
  • Planned refurbishment
  • Seasonal grounds and buildings maintenance
  • Off peak/out of hours maintenance


Thank you J&K cleaning and maintenance for supplying a first class service across the portfolio and look forward to working with you in the future.