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Commercial Floral and Planting

In a commercial environment, it is important to create a positive and attractive aesthetic for customers and clients. With a J&K commercial floral and planting programme we will ensure that your plants and flowers are always in great condition to create the perfect lasting impression.

We will provide a trained floral and planting specialist who will visit your premises on a regular basis to maintain and replace your plants or flowers as needed. Our commercial service is designed to meet our clients' demands whilst also creating appealing floral and planting displays that improve the air quality in your building and create a positive working environment.

  • Floral and vase services
  • Ground maintenance and planting
  • Container and trough plant displays
  • Window boxes
  • Tailored artificial displays
  • One off corporate event displays


Thank you J&K cleaning and maintenance for supplying a first class service across the portfolio and look forward to working with you in the future.